2018 Musings

Finally Spring… and now suddenly Summer!

Springtime on Cape Cod and Provincetown

Spring 2018 arrived late here on the Outer Cape, keeping things cool and covered until almost the end pf April. Marathon weekend in Boston had some snowflakes and lots of wind. Provincetown’s rough winter has shown itself in many tree branches down and a wind whipped garden. Clean up came first and took longer but May’s sun has finally arrived and everything has started blooming, (as did the pollen).

The tulips from our Amsterdam trip last November are truly beautiful. Not sure how different they are from buying them in the states however they helped justify a trip to Amsterdam and that is always welcome. The hungry and horny birds have been a pleasant reminder of spring. Some new birds frequented us this Spring, like the red wing blackbird who I haven’t noticed before but was here in droves the past two months. The bunnies survived another winter as did the foxes as we see them chase the bunnies often, but not catching them (so far). The “baby maker” birdhouse has been very active with turning out babies on a regular basis. Never ending fornication throughout the yard. Who knew our backyard had so much activity? The fish seem to be less in numbers and we think they helped the fox survive.

The first edible sign of the garden begins around April 20 with the first signs of the asparagus poking through the dirt. Ours have been going on for over 20 years and they never fail to deliver a taste unlike any other. Folklore says that their shape made them banned at convents. I don’t know about that, but, it does make sense when you see them first poking out!
The garlic planted last fall must be tough since they made it through the sub-zero winter and look beautiful, upright and green. Garlic soup is a summer favorite. And May 1st is when the oranges go out on the poles throughout the garden. They attract the Baltimore Oriels and also are favorites of the House Finches. The Orioles are just gorgeous and they show themselves only in May and early June and love the color and sweetness of the orange. The oranges also attract the beautifully singing dark grey Catbird.

This year we moved the herbs from the vegetable garden area to a new spot along the driveway. Now closer to the house kitchen and also to our personal kitchen. The rosemary, sage and oregano were moved from the garden and placed in the circle. We added parsley, basil, tarragon, mint, and fennel. Keep those fingers crossed on how this goes. Trying to learn more about herbs so hopefully they will be here throughout the summer and fall but no guarantees. We are also continuing our yearly tradition of helping the coffers of our two favorite local nurseries, Bayberry Gardens in Truro, and Garden Renovations, right here in Provincetown, across Route 6.

On May 6 we ate our first asparagus. Our local eateries The Mews, Ciro & Sal’s, Spindler’s, Strangers & Saints and Yolkqueria just re-opened in the neighborhood and our sunbird and urban neighbors from Boston, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Switzerland have returned, so it’s looking like spring all around. Which is wonderful, as suddenly here we are, it is Memorial Day Weekend, and that means it is (unofficially) now Summer 2018! Yikes! Here we go!