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Winter 2017/2018 – Our Winter Friends in the Neighborhood

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Whenever we say that we live year-round in Provincetown, we always get asked “what’s it like in the winter”. Well, here are some thoughts on this past winter, one that seemed to go on forever and brought storms with increasing ferocity, some snow and lots of water that led to some major town flooding in low-lying areas. We are lucky to be high up on Miller Hill, although the winds sure were frightful at times this year. Extended black-outs made our new purchase of a generator a must. We hope to have it installed and up and running by the end of spring, and hopefully never sit in the dark again!

In November we begin our feeding of the many winter birds and those that stop by on their migration. We keep the pond flowing to provide water in the cold weather for the birds, squirrels, bunnies and fox. The gardens attract wildlife throughout the year and fauna is a welcome sight in the dark winter months.

We are grateful for all the hearty souls who remain in town to feed and entertain us in the winter. Our neighborhood has undergone a true renaissance with an abundance of restaurants and food options all within a few blocks.

Here are the ones that stayed open this winter and we love them all:

The food purveyors in the immediate area are Far Land; East End Marketplace; Angel Food and The 141. All with their own unique qualities and most with seating. In the winter these stores become our life-line for prepared meals, desserts, winter special menus and a great neighborhood meeting places.

The restaurants closest to our home are The Mews; Ciro & Sal’s, Fanizzi’s, Spindler’s and the Squealing Pig. Open for business and quite busy all winter. We love walking the silent streets in a snow storm to any of the above places and upon entering, being reminded of the vibrant community around us.

And we can’t forget about Kung Fu Dumplings and The Canteen, both of whom deliver. Also, this past winter The Canteen had a three-month food festival with a changing specials menu every week: they cycled through Indian, Korean, Vietnamese,
French, Italian, Barbeque, Mexican, NY Deli and more. We went to most weeks or had them delivered. They were fun and surprising menus and made for a fun date night when paired with a movie at Water’s Edge Cinema (where we were able to catch each and every Oscar film, even the Shorts!).

And two places we love by car or a longer walk are Liz’s Café and Chach and they both were open most of the past winter too.
Others open are the Governor Bradford, Central House, Brew House, Blackfish, Mac’s, Jimmy’s Hideaway and Ross Grill.

We want to thank all these restauranteurs for staying open and warming the winter months for us. It takes guts to remain open open year-round out here, and we appreciate those who do!

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